Sunday, July 30, 2006

MoRe oN GoL & GiNCu

Told you guys that I'd be back with more on Gol & Gincu. More goss and more pics on the making of the series and what actually goes on when the big camera turns off (and my camera turns on.. Haha!) For those of you who've seen Daniel's blog, you might've come accross some spoiler pics that Daniel just had to put up to ruin your surprise. Well not completely... but still?? (Daniel is so going to kill me!)

Crazy things happens on the set of Gol & Gincu. Well, what do you expect when you put a bunch of nutters together to do a series, or a film for that matter? It still gets insanely hilarious, even when times are tough and everybody is tired.

I absolutely loved shooting this episode. Putting Raz in a pair of high heels as Haikal made my day. He was a good sport though, strutting his stuff in those heels around Lim Kok Wing University. And that's Daniel being mengada wearing Putri's shoes. Haha! Love you Daniel!

Its funny... there were speculations on Haikal being gay, though I don't know why. However, we made sure that records were set straight in the later episodes. Make sure you stay tuned to find out how. However, if you look at this picture carefully... you'll find yourself wondering... Hmmm... Or it might just be because of Daniel's white sunglasses. Haha... again.. Daniel might just kill me for this!

Now, this was us goofing around (although it doesn't look like it) in one of our locations. I hardly have any scenes with Reza (Pierre) and I think this was one of the very few scenes that we had together.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Well, what can I say?! They girls are very very sexy... And surprisingly, are able to sing live. Not to mention their hot dance moves.. All in all, I enjoyed their show, held at Sunway Surf Beach on the 26th July Wednesdy night. Hey, got to watch it for free too as I had to cover the concert for Beat TV. I wasn't willing to fork out 200 ringgit just too see their concert so I made sure that covering the event was essential for Beat TV. But you know what, I've gotta admire the girls for their slick dance moves and very hot lingerie that they boldly wore on stage.. Duh! They are the Pussycat Dolls after all.. Here's some pics of the concert that I managed to snap...

Chillin' with my Beat TV babes... Thats Azrin (Beat TV P.A) and Dira (our very cute scriptwriter)... Caught Ashraf checking her out at times..Haha! Was late cos was stuck in the traffic jam and they were freaking out. Kept calling me every 5 minutes!

After the concert I had to do interviews with the fans for Beat TV, and everytime I asked them which of the Pussycat Dolls do they like best, all of them.. Yes ALL, answered Nicole, who is the lead singer. I do have to admit that not only is she very beautiful, she actually sings really well. But why Nicole? Is it because she's the lead singer therefore she gets most of the attention? Because most of the time when there's a group or a band, most of the attention is on the lead singer/s or on the vocalist. Like take N' Sync for example... Don't Justin and JC gets most of the attention? And what about Destiny's Child? Its mostly Beyonce isn't it? Or even rock bands such as Jon Bon Jovi and Aerosmith... I don't think I know any of the other band members' names, with the exception of Richie Sambora, Bon Jovi's guitarist. Or maybe its just me... Hmmm... Oh well..

Here's a pic of the girls in action from where I was. Mind you, it was not as far as it looks. Camera lah kan... nampak je jauh.. Hehe! I was at the media side and surprisingly, it was quite spacious. Unlike at all the other where everyone looked like they were being squashed.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

GoL & GiNCu Da SeRieS... oVeR or NoT?

Wow!! We're finally done shooting the first season of Gol & Gincu. And I say 'first' because like most of you, I do want the series to continue its journey, even though a lot of hard work and long hours was involved for the cast, and especially the crew! Did my last scene on Friday 21st July at Starbucks, the part where Shasha scrolls down her phone to call Putri but decides at the last second, to call Eddy instead. Why? Which episode? Well, I guess you have to stay tuned to find out.

All in all, I had a great time shooting the series. Had the chance to explore and get more personal with my character. It was fun shooting the scenes with Raz as Shasha and Haikal. No doubt he's a talented actor which made it all easier to create that tension between Shasha and Haikal.

To be honest, I actually had doubts about Shasha suddenly turning over a new leaf (well, sort of) by becoming friends with Putri. I guess I was afraid that Shasha will lose its bitchy factor that she created from the movie. However, things do change and friendships do bond from weird circumstances, which makes the friendship between Putri and Shasha quite special. I looked at it this way, Putri and Shasha are complete opposites, but their honesty and authenticity (meaning no bloody hipocritism) is what built the foundation of their friendship.

Also, I have to thank all the wonderful production crew and cast for making it such a memorable experience. Everybody was great and extremely professional. You wont believe how fast these people work! This time around, we got to work with a team of directors... Bernard Chauly (Ep 1, 5, 6, 10 & 11) whom I've worked with before for my first ever TV Drama 'Piala Untuk Mama'.. Love him to death for wanting to work with me again! Another great director, Imri Natsution (Ep 3, 7 & 9) whom I've known for years but haven't had the chance to work with him until recently... And then there's Brenda Danker (Ep 2) who directed me in an episode of 3R aptly titled 'Gossip which was shot and aired some time in 2003... A talented and very, very discipline director and ex-host of 3R (Haha! Better not turn up late with her on set) , Ngai Yuen (Ep 4) whom I enjoyed having her direct me for my fighting scene with Raz (Haikal)... Next is Lina Tan (Ep 8 & 13), another person whom I forever grateful to for taking me in to feature in her first film production so I love her to death for this, also Executive Producer of G&G... And lastly, James Lee (Ep 12) whose work such as 'Teatime with John' made me dream of working with him one day and finally had the pleasure to... Awesome awesome awesome!!! Great, great experience working with them. It was interesting to see and experience their directing as each of them had their own way of doing so.

More experiences to be shared, so don't worry. Will be back with more thoughts and stories on Gol & Gincu. Don't forget to catch Gol & Gincu, Every Sunday at 10pm on 8TV!!! Much Love!! Muaks!