Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gol & Gincu Season 2!

I know! I know! Its been too long since I last blogged. Apologies for that, husband has been using my laptop since his crashed. Told him to get me a new one pronto if he's gonna be using mine like his own. Anyway, been busy for the past few months with the shoot og Gol & Gincu Season 2 and revamping Beat TV with Ashraf and team. Busy being a wife too :D

Now, to my wonderful fans who've been asking for updates on Gol & Gincu... As you all know, 2 episodes have been aired on 8tv for the past 2 weeks. Same time same day... Sundays 10pm. Dont know about Suria channel in Singapore tho but I reckon it'll start airing quite soon. We're still in the midst of shooting the season, yes, we're not done yet, and I hope it wont be dont for quite some time cos I love shooting for G&G. I seriously have too much fun shooting on set.

More drama's this season, obviously. Lets just say, its all things that you'd never expect to happen. Make sure you guys keep tuning in every week. But for those of you yang tak sabar sabar... I present you some behind the scene pictures... Hehehe...

Here's my preparing for a scene in my character's room. Its a damn cool room with really eclectic stuff lying around to suit Shasha's personality. Kudos to Gwo Yunn, Head of Art Department. She's great!

Some stuff of Shasha's at her bedside, including one of the red shoes that she made Haikal wear last season, handphone and a pic of the two of them together. It was quite challenging to shoot our scenes as some really serious stuff happens this season. Honestly dont like where our relationship is going in this season. Pretty heavy issues I must say...

That's Bernard's ass I'm lying on if you're wondering. He's directing most of the episodes. We also had guest directors, like Min Jee, who is an absolute darling, director of episode 5 and 6, as well as James Lee, quite a hottie, who directed episode 12 of last season and epidose 2 of this season if I'm not mistaken.

I could only managed to capture this much of the set due to space. Its quite an awesome set. All of our rooms are located in the same house. Putri, Mia and Reza's room are next to my room and Ayu's room is downstairs. This has been my second home for the past few months :)

Well guys, will be back to post more pics and behind the scene stories of Gol & Gincu soon. Promise!! Again, dont forget to tune in to 8tv every Sunday at 10pm for Gol & Gincu The Series 2. Much Love!!!