Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Best Surprise Ever!

I love planning surprise parties. I've done so many that I actually consider myself quite a pro. However, the downside to being such a good surprise party planner is that its pretty hard to surprise me back. A few times my loved ones had tried (including darling Hubby) and I always seem to find out, or something would happen such as someone would accidentally tell me about it . Sigh.. Trust me, it wasn't as if I went sniffing about it in the first place.

For the past few years, I've been telling everybody how I was going to organize a big celebration for my 30th birthday. Maybe do a "Michael Jackson" theme where guests come dressed up as their favourite MJ and have a DJ play all the MJ hits all night. Of course, I didn't know back then that I will be heavily pregnant on my 30th birthday.

So when this year came around, I had pretty much decided that I wasn't going to do anything. I was more excited about celebrating the coming of my twin girls and focused instead on the Baby Shower. Besides, I already had the best birthday gift I could ever ask for... my baby girls :)

My birthday came and the first thing I did was wish my sister Happy Birthday as we both share the same birthday, although we were born six years apart. That was some good planning done by my parents there.. LOL! Then I turned to hubby and asked him if I should organize a birthday dinner with my family. He shook his head, and told me that he was going to take me out to a nice dinner. He had even booked a place and all. "Wow!" I thought. "So no need for a big dinner then. Just a nice lil dinner with hubby will do."

On the way to dinner, hubby insisted that we drop by our home in Damansara (we're currently staying at my Mom & Stepdad's til after confinement/pantang) to grab our camera. Although we were a bit late for dinner and I was already starving, I said okay.

Got to our home and as we walked in, I was greeted with this romantic setting, complete with a butler/waiter named Karim waiting for us. I was in shock! My living and dining hall looked different! There was our dining table looking like a 5-star hotel dining set-up, complete with a bottle of date sparkling juice . Hahaha! Isn't this just so beautiful??!

It doesn't just end there, hubby had even gone all the way as to hire two musicians to serenade us through out dinner.

We were served a 3 course dinner. That was the next surprise. Hubby had actually been at the house all afternoon cooking up a storm! This was our main dish. It was delicious!!

I was in complete disbelief the whole time. I couldn't believe that hubby had done all this just for me! You should have seen my face. Dinner was perfect. Karim the butler was at our service the whole time, and our serenading duo surrounded us with beautiful music.

Just when I thought that the surprise was finally over, in came another surprise. This time through the front door. I looked up from our desert and there were my family members and bestfriends walking into our home, with a birthday cake and all.

They even brought more food with them! I was already so full I couldn't imagine stuffing myself with anymore food.

So, of course, I could only look on while my family devoured my favourite food from a popular chinese muslim restaurant "Haji Shahrin Low". It was a beautiful night indeed, with the amazing romantic candle lit dinner with hubby, followed by the surprise entrance of my close family and friends.


kuma2 comel said...

sweet.... (:
happy belated bday kak sazzy..

Nur Aqilah Ahmad Lotfi said...

aww, you're so blessed! :D

chempakamummylicious said...

Sooooooooo sweeettt sazzyy....!! Almost dropped my tearss..eheh!!

Molly said...

Mummy Ly
Dear Sazzy,

I am so happy. My birthday pun sama bulan dgn Sazzy, mine was 18th March and hubs selalu buat suprise yang tak terlintak was on Friday and I took leave. ingatkan nk stay kat rumah saja, hubs pergi keje mcm biasa then dia kata suruh bersiap2 pkl 11 pagi. rupenye dia bawak ke rumah my mom, semua adik beradik ada, mak masak, ada kek, dan I was cried. Then hubs ambil cuti nk bawak tengok wayang cerita dan kitaorang stay kat hotel until sunday. Lebih kurang sama mcm cerita Sazzy...hadiah pun lebih kurang sama dgn apa yg Sazzy dapat. Thanks to him :)

Legally Hagna said... romantic dan menyeronokkna...happy baca cerita ni..yeay...!

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All Hijab said...

Congratulations for your twins.!

They share the same birthday with my mom.

And u...share the same brithday with me ! I was born 1 year late..:-D

Legally Hagna said...

suka baca cerita kak sazzy,....u r gifted!

eamy milea said...

salam perkenalan..milea singgah sini dan follow...

Ruzila said...

This is so romantic. My dear, keep thanking God for the wonderful husband that He has bestowed upon you.
Take care!

Imloner Gurl said...
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Shasha Cute! said...