Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Towards the end of my second trimester, hubby and I decided to move into my grandparent's place in Ampang, where my Mom and Stepdad were temporarily staying as well, while waiting for their new house to be ready. That was somewhere in mid February.

Now it's mid March so we've roughly been here for a month. Of course hubby and I do occasionally go back to check on the house and our assistants drops by once every two days to feed the cats. I miss home, but its nice being here. Waking up in the morning is a noisy affair, with us talking over breakfast and going through each others plans for the day. Its normally just the two of us when we're at home, or sometimes I eat breakfast alone as hubby has early morning meetings at times. However here in Ampang, the mornings is what we malays would call "Meriah" :)

Work has definitely slowed down for me, except for the occasional photo shoots and media appearances that I have to make. I also go to SinclairFalak's office once or twice a week only as I can work from home. Thanks to my lovely biz partner Aishah Sinclair for holding the fort while I go through my last trimester! Days are not as hectic as it used to be and I'm slowly getting used to the rhythm. I have to! Its not like I can move much nowadays! Sigh.. Patience Sazzy... just 2 more months to go..

Anyway, one afternoon while I was lying down on my bed, taking a small break from being in front of the computer too long, my grandmother (Nenek) knocked on my bedroom door. I was tired, as most women are at this time of pregnancy and getting out of bed is work, literary! So I was feeling slightly annoyed at the fact that I had to haul myself off the bed and answer the door. My Nenek was still waiting outside patiently as I slowly made my way. I started thinking things such as "I wish she would understand that I'm tired and that I'm in dire need of a nap instead of knocking at my door and insisting that I get up!" But of course I didn't say anything. She is my Nenek after all.

Still feeling a bit anoyed, I opened the door to find my Nenek standing there with a smile on her face and a bottle of Ribena in her hand. She knows I like Ribena and of course it was for me. She proudly held it up and said "I got this for you. I bought two bottles when I went out just now because I knew you would have liked one too."

Now this is coming from an elderly woman of 75, could hardly walk fast due to age and is suffering from cataract (a medical condition in which the lens of the eye becomes progressively opaque, resulting in blurred vision)

I'm pregnant and tired, now, but I will get my health and my strength back after giving birth Insya Allah. However, this is my Nenek's condition as of now and chances of it improving are low. Even then, she had gone through the trouble of purchasing one bottle of Ribena for me and when she got home, had excitedly but slowly made her way to my bedroom to give me this drink.

I looked at her face and am reminded of how much I love her. She's been my Nenek, my guardian, my second mother, ever since I was a baby. And nothing as challenging as her cataract could get in her way of being that wonderful grandmother that she has always been for me. I felt ashamed for thinking like such a brat just a couple of seconds ago. Here is unconditional love, love that knows no bounderies, no pain and no time.

I learned a powerful lesson at that second. That we must always appreciate what we have, even when we are feeling down and not quite a 100%. We must always remind ourselves of the things that matters most and cherish the people that matters most. I love my Nenek. And she will always be my Nenek. And no matter what happens, I am committed to being the best granddaughter I could possibly be for her :)

My Nenek proudly holding her first cicit (great-granddaughter) Lil Baby Maya. Also, my first ever niece :)


mar!ahaf!z said...

long time no post sister.. :) cant wait to read more!

enjoy u pregnancy while u still can :) eh.. u will miss this moment later, i tell ya

farahuhnavy said...

Ok! I'm all teary. I feel bad for not spending a lil extra time when I saw Nenek just now. :( She does really love us unconditionally. I love Nenek :'(

redmerah said...

rindu wan n opah =(

Adah said...


im one of your tons fan who grab all the magazines that loaded ur stories/pictures be it tiny little one the first day issued and watching your drama/movies again n again for 100 times.

as i read along, i could not agree to disagree of how it has warm the readers' heart to bits. it's indeed an unconditional love.

hey, i linked u away!