Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Latest Craze(s)

Life has been hectic lately. If you have been following my twitter timeline, you probably have an idea on how busy and full my schedule has been, what with the weekly MyEG Xtra Time shoot, non-stop events, special appearances and emcee-ing gigs.

My beautiful baby girls have grown. Imaan and Tiara are almost 7 months now. How time flies! I have been religiously capturing their growth and discoveries with my iPhone camera. Of course i'll be sharing those pictures in this blog as I have done on Instagram.

As you all know, besides the love for my babies, work, food etc... I also have the love for fashion. So here I share some pictures of my latest craze.

I've been wearing a lot of stuff from lately. They have really nice casual but funky dresses and tops. I especially like this pleated dress. So much so that I also have it in deep pink . The one in the picture is in grey.

I bought these shoes quite a while back actually, way before I got pregnant. I love how it's so funky but because it's a nude colour, I'm able to wear it with almost anything I wear. Got these beauties from Aldo.

Here's me at MIFW (Malaysian International Fashion Week). As you can see, I'm wearing the Aldo gladiators. Its such a safe colour that it matches with any outfit. I got the top from JASPAL and the skirt used to belong to my Mama. She was quite a fashionista back then and her collection of clothes were amazing!

Another dress I got from I was out with the baby girls last weekend and felt like wearing something flowy and girly. So this was perfect.

Sazzy on IPhone


Bitter Sweet said...

love ur style

Legally Hagna said...

luv the story...n luv ur style juga!

missnadira said...

love the nude aldo gladiator..
the thing about is, the pretty ones are always out of stock..or maybe i'm just not fast enough..:P

cacah said...

what about your handbag? you seem to like it too? :) love the colour )of the handbag)_~

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Molly said...

~Mummy Ly~

Apa pun tentang Sazzy, saya memang suka. Your style memang truly you. HOT, FUN, UP TO DATE, ETC.

Love you!