Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sunday High Chases Away The Monday Blues

"Standard lah Akak... bila Selangor cuti, KL jam."

That's what the jockey dude told me yesterday when Hubby and I valet our car at the Bangsar Village 2 entrance. We were late for our Bodytone Acceleration Training, hence why we decided to valet. The roads were packed. Full of Selangor-ites taking advantage of their one day holiday by going into town. Of course, the town was also full of KL-ites (who were all not on holiday) going about their busy work routine. I swear, no one works in the office anymore, choosing instead to do their meetings and appointments outside of the office.

Hubby and I spent some quality time with the girls. We've been so busy with work lately, hubby especially, that we took this opportunity to bring the girls jalan-jalan... to KLCC! Goodness, the traffic we had to go through! But it was worth it

Earlier on during the day, before our Bodytone work out appointment, we went for a short drive to the convenience store nearby to grab some household stuff. Our male maid drove so Imaan sat on Daddy's lap and Tiara on mine.

Nash and I on the way to Bangsar Village 2. We were chatting about all sorts of stuff, as we always do. Five years into our marriage and we still have so much to talk about. Alhamdulillah.

Later during the day and after braving the horrendous traffic, we finally got ourselves to KLCC. Pheww! The girls were excited. Kaki jalan these girls. I wore a Topshop boob tude dress over jeans and tied a Zara scarf around my shoulders, which one side slid under the armpits after handling the girls, strollers, bags etc. Hilang glam terus! But oh well...

I dressed the girls in these cute little dresses that their Popo (my stepmom) bought for them on her Canada trip, and since malls can be quite cold, I normally don on their cardigans. The purple and pink tights were something I got for them from a baby shop in Bangsar Shopping Centre and for the life of me, I can't remember the name of the shop. Imaan has this lepak pose that I find hilarious. The girls love being on the stroller, always looking around curiously and excitedly.

Hubby was pushing the stroller in front of me and I had to take this picture. He caught on the skinny jeans craze and got himself a pair on his recent trip to Australia. I was a bit skeptical at first. My first thought was "Don't you have to be skinny to be able to pull that off?". But after studying him for a good five minutes, I decided he did it justice. Plus, I think his ass looks cute. Hehehe!

This was when we got home from KLCC. Tiara was already fast asleep and Imaan, being the active little baby that she is, insisted on a lil playtime. My sister Fiza, whom the girls will refer to as Mama Ja when they start talking, has this thing about dressing them up in the silliest things. In this case, it was their Daddy's hat that was put on Lil Imaan.

I love spending time with my beautiful family

Sazzy on IPhone